Let's Put Those Skills To Good Use.

You're both a gamer and a socially conscious individual.
You've always wondered whether or not your interests and your values could ever be useful at the same time.
Let's talk.

Make A Direct Impact.

Your guidance and mentorship teach our youth more than just how to play. The example you set allows them to observe leadership skills and develop a sense of positive community identity. Your volunteer work will directly influence a new generation of socially responsible young adults—plus, yeah, they'll be top-tier gamers.

Meet Interesting People

Volunteering with S.O.S. Gamers is an opportunity to develop quality, lasting relationships with people who share both your interests and your passion for making a difference in the community. You could meet new friends, future business partners or even have a conversation that sparks a significant, positive change in your life.

Have More Fun!

Choosing to spend your time positively influencing your community is a great way to break up a stressful routine with activities that give you a strengthened sense of purpose and self-confidence. Working with us, you get to combine all of that with video games. Need we say more?

Take the First Step.

Sign up here for more information about our volunteer program. It's the easiest way to learn more about what we do. That way, you can decide if you'd be a good fit with absolutely no pressure.